Cartersville Police arrested 46-year-old Henry Samayoa at his residence on Opal Street on Friday afternoon for surveillance which invaded the privacy of another.

His wife told police he had had ongoing sexual issues, including engaging in voyeuristic tendencies like pleasuring himself while watching neighbors and watching his mother-in-law in the shower without her knowledge.

On Friday, the woman advised after her sister took a shower and went into her room to change, she located a phone that was actively recording her changing. Her husband reportedly hid the phone in a black sock with a hole cut out for the camera. She said she recognized the phone as her husband’s and saw him setting it up at the beginning of the video. The woman stated she found more videos taken in the same manner of her sister and mother without their knowledge or consent, capturing them in states of undress and nudity. An officer reportedly verified the woman’s accusations.

The woman stated they had three children together who lived in the home. She said she had not seen any videos or photos of their children or other juveniles but was concerned that his phone may contain something untoward or already deleted. She did not believe he had been inappropriate towards the children but was unsure.

Despite the woman’s sister and mother’s reluctance, officers arrested Henry Samayoa. They completed a DFCS referral for the children and scheduled Children’s Advocacy Center interviews.