The State of Georgia vs. Sherron Tyree Burrell


Trial Jury Guilty Verdicts Returned November 19th, 2014, For Criminal Offenses:

(1) Kidnapping with Bodily Injury, (2) Aggravated Assault, (4) Terroristic Threat,                                          and (5) Battery.     (Not Guilty Verdict on (3) Aggravated Assault)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

         Superior Court Judge G. CAREY NELSON, III Sentence Hearing Results:

Judge Nelson imposed upon Burrell a total sentence of LIFE to serve incarcerated, for the offense of Kidnapping with Bodily Injury, along with additional concurrent incarcerated sentences of Twenty (20) years for the offense of Aggravated Assault, Five (5) years for the offense of Terroristic Threat and Twelve (12) months for the offense of Battery.                                            

It is the perspective and understanding of the Office of the District Attorney that Burrell must serve Thirty-One (31) years incarcerated (until 2045)  before Burrell would be eligible for parole consideration.