School Name 2019 SAT Test Takers Total Score Mean Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Mean Math Mean
Adairsville High School 88 1052 538 515
Cass HS 155 1018 526 493
Woodland HS 147 1050 543 507
Cartersville High School 136 1075 539 536
School Name 2018 SAT Test Takers Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Mean Math Mean Total Score Mean
Adairsville High School 99 529 504 1033
Cass HS 137 547 503 1050
Woodland HS 190 513 484 997
Cartersville High School 132 554 533 1087

Press Release – Georgia public-school students again beat national average on SAT

Georgia’s SAT participation rose to 67 percent of public-school graduates
in the class of 2019, up from 66 percent in 2018 and 59 percent in 2017.“I’ll put it simply: I’m proud of the teachers and students in Georgia’s
public schools,” State School Superintendent Richard Woods said. “While we would, of course, like to see an increase in scores every year, I’m still
pleased to see us well above the national average even as participation
increases. For the second year, our students beat the national average on a test that was once used to label Georgia as ‘last in the nation’ in education. In the same year, they recorded an all-time-high graduation rate and
increases in NAEP and Georgia Milestones scores. I’m feeling optimistic about the future of public education in Georgia, and grateful for our
educators and students who make it possible.”Equity & Subgroup
PerformanceGeorgia’s 2019 scores also brought positive news in the area of equity. Black students in Georgia’s public-school class of 2019
recorded a mean composite score of 952, well above the national mean of 921, even as their participation increased by 1.7 percent. Georgia’s
Hispanic or Latino students recorded a mean composite score of 1016,
well above the national mean of 967, even with a 16.3 percent increase in participation.Two years ago, the 2017 SAT results set a new baseline for
year-to-year comparisons. Reports prior to 2017 were based on the old
SAT, which had a different score scale and different benchmarks. The
2017, 2018, and 2019 SAT scores are comparable. Comparisons to 2016 or earlier are not valid.