Press Release:

May 11, 2015 – The Georgia Engineer Magazine recently published an article focusing on the 2014 Georgia Partnership for Transportation Quality awards that were presented.  These awards are designed to recognize where engineering innovation has been used to successfully address issues that are sensitive to the public and environmental issues.  In addition to the grand prize there are eight categories, including Innovative Solution/Best New Products; Environmental Protection, Preservation, Restoration and/or Enhancement; Context Sensitive Design/Public participation; Bridge/Structural Design; Traffic Safety/Intersection Design; Highway Design – Urban; Highway Design – Rural; and Design- Build.

The engineering team that designed the SR 61/113 Widening and Reconstruction at the Leake Mounds, GDOT – Environmental Services, received the award for the Context Sensitive Design/Public Participation category.  Attached is the portion of the article regarding the Leake Mounds award.

Without the excellent partnership between federal, tribal, state and local entities, this project would not have been such a huge success.  The City is grateful for the help from Bartow County and Bartow County Greenspace, and would like to make sure David Archer is recognized for his instrumental assistance in this project.