On Thursday, many fans of the Cartersville Purple Hurricanes football team, which is playing in the Class 4-A semifinals tonight against Mary Persons, were spreading the word to blackout the game at Weinman Stadium. Posts were spread through social media and before you knew it, everybody was on board for the excitement of blacking out Weinman Stadium at 7:30 Friday night.

Everybody except for one.

Cartersville head football coach Joey King told WBHF, “(I’m) Not a fan of the blackout theme.”

King is not harboring any ill resentment towards blackouts dating back to the 2008 Georgia-Alabama game. No, King has a different set of reasons for discouraging fans from blacking out Weinman Stadium. “Mary Persons (colors) is black and gold.”

So save your blackout attire for a different game, Canes fans. Tonight show up early to Weinman Stadium wearing purple to cheer Cartersville onto the championship game next week at the Georgia Dome.