The results are in! The Keep Bartow Beautiful School Recycling Contest has your mid-year totals.

For the 2014-15 School Year, the rules are the same—26 schools participate, in three categories, with the winning schools posting the most pounds per student receiving prizes in the form of cash prizes or a free school-wide environmental assembly, provided by key local sponsor Anheuser Busch Cartersville, through their community environmental corporate initiatives to reduce waste through recycling.  Co-sponsors are Bartow County Solid Waste.  The program provides free recycling services to each school, as well as recycling containers from Keep Bartow Beautiful when funds are available.

Each year, the contest starts at the start of school for the teachers, and concludes with contest totals on March 31, although the actual recycling is ongoing. The winners are announced on or around Earth Day each year. Since 2005, when the program was begun, the local schools have been responsible for the recycling of over 2000 TONS of cans, bottles, boxes, and homework papers into new products, all while saving valuable landfill space and creating jobs and revenue in Georgia and the Southeast. Over 130 manufacturers in Georgia rely on recycled content for their manufacturing processes.

At the mid-way point, here are the totals, in alphabetical order:


Adairsville Elementary                                                        10,280 pounds

Allatoona Elementary                                                           6,020 pounds

Cartersville Elementary                                                         4,780 pounds

Cartersville Primary                                                                4,400 pounds

Clear Creek Elementary                                                         2,460 pounds

Cloverleaf Elementary                                                           3,380 pounds

Emerson Elementary                                                                  800 pounds

Euharlee Elementary                                                            29,420 pounds

Hamilton Crossing                                                                   5,320 pounds

Kingston Elementary                                                                1,280 pounds

Mission Road Elementary                                                        9,200 pounds

Pine Log Elementary                                                                 3,740 pounds

Taylorsville Elementary                                                            1,640 pounds

White Elementary                                                                      7,820 pounds


Adairsville Middle                                                                   5,300 pounds

Adairsville High                                                                        3,680 pounds

Cartersville High                                                                      2,500 pounds

Cartersville Middle                                                                  3,760 pounds

Cass Middle                                                                             12,020 pounds

Cass High                                                                                 18,420 pounds

South Central Middle                                                            11,980 pounds

Woodland Middle                                                                    9,240 pounds

Woodland High                                                                         5,600 pounds


Bartow Board of Education                                                 10,540 pounds

Bartow College And Career Academy                                   1,600 pounds

Excel Academy                                                                          8,660 pounds


THE Current overall total for this school year is 176,340 pounds. That equals over 88 tons at the halfway point.  That number is down from last year.

For more information on the Keep Bartow Beautiful School Recycling Contest, contact Sheri Henshaw at 770-387-5167, Extension 1, or email her at