Today Governor Brian P. Kemp issued Executive Order

Orders effective through the end of August 2020:

(1) All residents and visitors shall practice social distancing and refrain from gathering.

(2) All are strongly encouraged to wear face coverings as practicable while outside their residence (except when eating, drinking, or exercising).

(3) All shall practice sanitation in accordance with CDC guidelines.

(4) No business, establishment, corporation, non-profit corporation, organization, or local government shall allow gatherings of persons.

For more, including guidelines for restaurants and schools, click on the following link

Governor Kemp also released the following statement:

“In late July, I asked Georgians to do ‘Four Things for Four Weeks’ to stop COVID-19. Without a mandate, our citizens answered the call, and we are making progress.

“In Georgia, our statewide case numbers have dropped 22% over the last two weeks, and daily hospitalizations have decreased by 7% in the last seven days. We are on average testing over 31,000 Georgians daily at 180 SPOCs while maintaining a low rate of transmission. The positivity rate is on the decline, and the mortality rate continues to fall.

“While encouraged by the data, we cannot grow complacent. This Executive Order extends the shelter in place order for the medically fragile, continues the ban on large gatherings, and maintains health and safety protocols for Georgia businesses.

“This order also protects Georgia businesses from government overreach by restricting the application and enforcement of local masking requirements to public property. While I support local control, it must be properly balanced with property rights and personal freedoms.

“As always, we encourage citizens to wear masks, watch their distance, wash hands, and continue to follow the guidance provided in the Executive Order. Together, we will protect the lives, livelihoods, and personal freedoms of all Georgians.”