Media release: Gov. Nathan Deal and the Governor’s Office of Workforce Development ) recognize Atlanta Public Schools, Bartow County Schools, Douglas County Schools, Oconee County Schools, Griffin-Spalding County Schools and Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools for having 100 percent of the system’s high schools organized with a Go Build Georgia High School Team.  As part of Gov. Deal’s Competitiveness Initiative, Go Build Georgia was launched through GOWD in January 2012.

“Go Build Georgia High School Teams educate young people on the opportunities in the skilled trades to help companies create and maintain a strong workforce for years to come,” Deal said. “I am proud of the educators in these areas for their commitment to Georgia’s youth and the economic vitality of our state.”

To target the next generation of our workforce early on, Go Build Georgia began its High School Teams program in October 2012. With 196 Go Build Georgia High School Teams in public schools across the state to date, the project is almost half way to its goal of 300 teams. The teams create an environment for educators, counselors and business leaders to act as a resource for students, promoting the opportunities available in key-growth sectors including: manufacturing, industrial construction, energy, telecommunications and transportation industries.

“I want to congratulate  these schools for reaching 100% Go Build Georgia High School Team participation and educating those that will be integral in closing the skilled labor gap,” said Blake Ashbee, executive director of the Governor’s Office of Workforce Development.  “Go Build Georgia High School Teams act as a bridge, linking students, parents and the business community together to create unlimited opportunities for Georgia’s students and industries.”

A few of these highly skilled and well-paying career options include positions such as welders, pipefitters, truck drivers, electricians, plumbers, industrial maintenance, civil engineers and in-ground utility contractors. As part of the Go Build program, career options and other resources that assist students in making informed career decisions are provided The Go Build Georgia High School Teams will share data and informational resources with students and parents.

“The Board and I recognize the critical need our communities have for a strong workforce and the well-paying jobs waiting for our students after high school.  As a school system, we have worked hard to make sure our students know the opportunities available, especially if those students have little or no desire to attend a college or university,” said John F. Harper Ed. D., superintendent of Bartow County Schools. “Bartow County School System places a great emphasis on career development and support and our community believes strongly in our efforts to prepare our graduates for the workplace.”

GOWD and the Go Build Georgia team thank these areas for embracing the mission of Go Build Georgia.

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