Web page upgrades guide contractors to bidding opportunities

ATLANTA – Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) has announced upgrades to the GAroads webpage that will help contractors more easily qualify for Routine Maintenance Contracting opportunities as a result of the Transportation Funding Act of 2015. The updated webpage – www.Garoads.org – offers a clear layout of the Routine Maintenance contractor qualification process, including registering as a bidder; becoming qualified; and responding to an invitation to bid.  The webpage also provides a Routine Maintenance Contractor Qualification guide; tutorials; FAQs and more.


“Continuing the theme of accountability and transparency, the upgrades to the webpage provide specific steps to enable contractors to qualify to bid on future projects,” GDOT Commissioner Russell McMurry said. “This is an excellent opportunity for DBEs and small and medium-sized businesses – who may have not previously worked with GDOT – to establish themselves as a qualified contractor for routine maintenance activities.”


The revised process allows contractors to bid on projects in 12 key Routine Maintenance areas:

  • Fencing Installation, Repair & Maintenance Services
  • Herbicide Application Services
  • Highway Mowing & Maintenance Services
  • Joint Repair of Bridge Structures
  • Landscaping Maintenance Services
  • Pavement Marking – Short Line Pavement Striping
  • Pavement Preservation Maintenance Services
  • Concrete and Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) Pavement Maintenance Services
  • Sound Barrier Wall Installation, Repair and Maintenance Services
  • Traffic Signal Maintenance
  • Tree Cutting, Pruning & Removal Services
  • Vegetation Removal Services


Applications to become a qualified contractor are due by the first of each month in order to be processed in that month. Once qualified, a contractor will receive email alerts when there are new bidding opportunities in their specific areas of service and be able to bid on these opportunities through Team Georgia Marketplace.


For information about contractor qualification and the bidding process for Routine Maintenance projects, visit www.dot.ga.gov/RoutineMaint. For general information about the Transportation Funding Act of 2015, visit www.Garoads.org.