Press Release:

CARTERSVILLE, Ga. — As we have been reminded this morning, winter is still here and temperatures are expected to dip below freezing overnight in north Georgia. Georgia Department of Transportation urges the residents of Northwest Georgia to make sure that sprinkler systems with automatic timers set to run overnight are turned off.

“Sprinkler systems that are left on overnight in freezing temperatures can create a hazardous condition for motorists the next morning,” said Dewayne Comer, district engineer at the DOT office in Cartersville. “Every year we see accidents caused by icy spots formed when water from sprinkler systems gets onto the roadway. Spray from the sprinkler is blown onto the road or water drains onto the road; black ice is formed and ice develops creating a hazard for motorists. Please take a moment and ensure your automatic sprinkler system is turned off. Anytime we have sub-freezing temperatures, please be on the lookout for icy patches or black ice, especially early in the morning,” Comer urged area residents.

The Georgia DOT urges businesses and residents to ensure that automatic sprinkler systems are properly turned off. Drivers are cautioned to be on the lookout for icy patches or black ice in the early morning hours, especially as sub-freezing temperatures approach most of the week.