The City of Cartersville is proud to announce that Fire Chief Scott Carter was recognized this past weekend at the 2014 Georgia Fire Service Conference in Macon, Georgia. Chief Carter received the President’s Award from the Georgia State Firefighters Association President, Lanier Swafford. The award is given annually to recognize those individuals, who in the opinion of the sitting President of GSFA has had a great impact upon Georgia’s Fire Service, the Georgia State Firefighter’s Association, or the sitting President. According to Lanier Swafford, Fire Chief/EMS Director of Dawson County, Chief Carter has accomplished all three.


Chief Swafford explained how during his ten year tenure on the Executive Board of GSFA, Chief Carter has worked to continue the honored traditions of the Georgia State Firefighters Association while working to implement change which will help move the association into the future. While serving he has championed the development of a Code of Ethics for the Board, worked to reshape the annual conference, lead a major rebranding initiative, served on the Legislative Committee, served as the editor of the Georgia Firefighter Magazine, pushed for continued strategic planning for the Association, and lead the Board through a change in its business model. Above all this, he has been an excellent leader and example to the GSFA Boards he has served with over the past ten years.


“Chief Carter exemplifies the high level of leadership that is very common in Georgia’s Fire Service” said President Lanier Swafford of GSFA, who’s term ended Saturday night following his presentation of the award. Swafford went on to say that, “What sets Scott apart is the passion he possess and daily execution of a never ending obligation he exhibits to his God and family, the citizens of Cartersville  and the men and women of Cartersville Fire Department, and to Georgia’s Fire Service and I am proud to be able to bestow this prestigious award to him”.


The City of Cartersville is proud of Chief Carter and his excellent leadership in our City’s Fire Department and throughout the community.  If you have any questions regarding this award please contact Rebecca Bohlander at 770-387-5612.  Thank you.