All those who played a role in the 2015 shooting death of a Cartersville man are now behind bars.

Stephanie Fawn Gardner appeared before Judge Suzanne Smith this afternoon. She and four others were arrested in connection to the death of Robby Carr that occurred in the parking lot of Woodwright Industries on Highway 411 in Cartersville on April 7th 2015.

Gardner entered a guilty plea to one charge of armed robbery and one charge of aggravated assault. She received 40 years – 12 to serve incarcerated and the remainder on probation.

She also entered a guilty plea in a separate case. She, along with two others, were arrested last year and charged with armed robbery with a taser. While she received no additional jail time, she will have to testify against her co-defendants in the robbery case. That is scheduled to go to trial next week.

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