On Friday morning, the Cartersville Fire Department and Bartow County EMS responded to Cartersville Elementary School in reference to two individuals passing out, due to improperly storing dry ice. WBHF spoke with Cartersville Fire Chief Scott Carter on the incident.

“We found there was some dry ice that had been placed in the external freezer next to the kitchen that was off gassing carbon dioxide,” said Carter. The off gassing of carbon dioxide caused the patients to pass out. “Currently we are monitoring the situation and ventilating the structures in the kitchen area,” stated Carter. He also said that there was never any danger to the rest of the school, as they contained the situation to the cooler area next to the kitchen. Three people were transported to Cartersville Medical Center to receive further examination.

The fire department is currently at the school to make sure that everything is safe and that there is no problem concerning the O2 levels at the school.