Cartersville School Board members signed a resolution against a proposed school tax exemption under consideration in the Georgia Senate. Board members met for a called meeting Thursday. They say that the Cartersville City School System’s current millage rate is the lowest millage rate set in the past 17 years. All homeowners 65 years of age or older currently receives a school tax exemption for the first $28,000 of their homestead’s assessed value.  Board members warn that any increase in senior exemptions will require an increase for non-senior property owners and businesses.

Legislation introduced by local legislators calls for a referendum in November. The Senior Tax Exemption would allow 50% of the assessed value of any homestead that does not exceed $500,000 for residents age 65 or older, an exemption in the amount of 75% for residents who are at least 70 years of age, and the full assessed value of the homestead that does not exceed $500,000 for residents who are at least 80 years of age.

The Board believes this specific proposal will, in fact, require an increase in non-senior and business owner tax bills and will make it more difficult to provide quality free public education.  They say quality education benefits all citizen of the City of Cartersville and is an economic development tool used to attract desirable business and industry to our community.

Be it further resolved: That the Cartersville Board of Education does not support the local legislation being proposed and specifically, does not support the changes in the Senior Tax Exemption referenced therein. Be it further resolved: That the Cartersville City Board of Education instructs the Superintendent of the Cartersville City Schools to transmit this resolution to the local delegation Governor Kemp, Cartersville and Bartow County elected officials.