Chief Thomas Culpepper is pleased to announce the recent recognition of several officers and employees of the Cartersville Police Department for their efforts during the recent storm emergency. The officers involved reported to work on their day off to help on patrol; provided food and cooked meals for officers who did not have time to eat during the storm; or, actually were on foot during the storm helping to push stranded motorists or assist them safely down hills.

One officer’s efforts stood out above the rest. Officer Luke Pulliam, who has been with the department for just one year, was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal. Officer Pulliam, stranded on Old Mill Road, left his patrol car and walked car to car to Highway 41 checking on the welfare of the occupants and taking information for accidents. When Officer Pulliam finally got off duty, he got stranded on I-75 for several hours. Although out of his jurisdiction, Officer Pulliam began aiding stranded motorists and helping people move cars off the exit ramp and to the sides of the road in order to keep traffic flowing. One motorist who was helped was a diabetic trying to get home to take his medication.

Other officers and employees recognized were awarded the Achievement Ribbon. Those recognized included Officer Gary Turner, Sergeant Amanda Pettepher, Sergeant Sarah Ellington, Sergeant Ryan Prescott, Lieutenant Richard Hawley, Investigator David Bojczuk, Communications Supervisor Deborah Crane, Officer James Beatty, Lieutenant Mike Bettikofer, Officer Joe Jackson, Fleet Manager Bill Brand, Lieutenant Troy Rowell, and Investigator Armando Sanchez.

Chief Culpepper stated, “I am very pleased with the extra efforts these officers put forth for the safety of the citizens of Cartersville. While many people were trying to get home to their families, some of these officers left their families secure at home and made their way to the city to help. The dedication of these fine officers and employees was exemplary. I am very proud of each of them.”