Press Release:

CARTERSVILLE, Ga., October 25, 2019 – The Cartersville City School District scored above the state average on the 2019 College and Career Readiness Index (CCRPI), which measures content mastery, progress, closing gaps, readiness and graduation rates of students in Georgia. The district outperformed the state with an overall score of 78.3. Superintendent Marc Feuerbach said, “Our faculty and staff work diligently to provide a dynamic learning environment where students can grow. I am pleased to see the successful results of their collaboration, planning and student-focused classroom approach. While the CCRPI provides us with worthwhile data and feedback, we understand that it is one measure of our success. We will continue to focus on impactful teaching and learning, which is the core of what we do every day.” A deeper look into each school’s score reveals the following areas of strength: Cartersville High School’s content mastery scores increased in all content areas except math where there
was a slight decrease of less than 2 points. The most overall content mastery improvement was made in English Language Arts (ELA). In the area of progress, CHS saw a 6.7 point increase and outperformed the
state with a score of 91.6 percent. Cartersville High School’s overall CCRPI score is 83.8 along with a fourstar School Climate Rating (SCR).
Cartersville Middle School’s content mastery is nearly 7 percent above the state average. All of the school’s subgroups made improvements in ELA as well as a 5 percent overall increase in the area. In the measurement of closing the gaps, CMS outperformed by the state by nearly 19 percent. Readiness, which determines a student’s readiness to advance to the next level of learning, is the highest indicator for CMS with 85 percent. Cartersville Middle School’s overall CCRPI score is 77.2 with a four-star School Climate Rating.

Cartersville Elementary School saw an increase in content mastery in the areas of ELA, math and science. Sixty-five percent of the school’s English Language Learners progressed at least two target levels (or
bands). Regarding closing the gaps, the school achieved a 8.2 percent increase. Cartersville Elementary School’s overall CCRPI score is 75.1 and with a four-star School Climate Rating. Cartersville Primary School’s outperformed the state in the area of progress by 16 percent with a score of 100. The school also achieved 100 percent in the category of closing the gaps. Cartersville Primary School’s overall CCRPI score is 86.6 with a four-star School Climate Rating.

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