Press Release:

Cartersville Fire Marshal Mark Hathaway and Assistant Fire Marshal Eric Williams attended the 45th Annual Firefighters Recognition Day at the Georgia State Capital on Tuesday February 7th to be sworn in as Local Fire Marshals.  They were sworn in to perform fire investigations on behalf of the State Fire Marshal’s Office.  The State Fire Marshal’s Office uses deputized Local Fire Marshal’s throughout the state to help shoulder some of the workload.  Local Fire Marshal’s perform the investigations and submit their reports to the State Fire Marshal’s Office.  This partnership helps to lessen some of the burden off of the limited number of state fire investigators.

Following the swearing in ceremony, the Georgia Firefighters Burn Foundation (GFBF) hosted a luncheon for firefighters at Georgia State Student Center.  During the luncheon awards were given out to fire departments that participated in the Annual GFBF Boot Drive.  Cartersville Fire Department was challenged last year by Oconee County Fire Department in a “Bring it on Challenge”.  The challenge is a fun competition to see who can raise the most money during their annual boot drive.  Cartersville Fire Marshal Mark Hathaway reported that Cartersville lost the challenge by a mere $215.  Though Cartersville Fire Department lost the challenge, they raised $24,639.94, a new department record, during the 3-day boot drive in October 2016.  Cartersville ranked 8th overall and was the highest ranking city department in the state.  Cartersville Fire won the trophy for the second highest per capita in the state, meaning that each member of the department raised $352.44.  Cartersville Fire Marshal Mark Hathaway stated, “This trophy means a lot to us as it shows the dedication and hard work that the members put into this annual boot drive.  It also reflects the generosity of the people of Cartersville and Bartow County and how much they support this worthy cause.”

cartersville fire

Pictured left to right:  Chief Toni Washington- GFBF Chair., Capt. Eric Williams-Cartersville Fire Dept., Lt. Tim Key- Cartersville Fire Dept., Fire Marshal Mark Hathaway-Cartersville Fire Dept., Deputy Chief William Tanks-GFBF Vice-Chair