The director of the city’s parks and recreation department Tod Gilliam had his resignation approved by the city council. This resignation will go into immediate effect with James Gordy serving as the interim director.

The city has been in the works of selling the old police building which is located at 178 West Main Street for a couple years, and during this meeting a contract of sale was approved with JB Henderson Properties Incorporated. However, under this contract there are a handful of obligations the buyer must follow. Two added conditions that were mentioned in the work session was using the buildings for fire training before demolition. Along with some police training.

The largest of the engineering projects that was approved was improving the west side of the water system. The total cost for that item is $547,000.00 from Hazen and Sawyer Engineers and will include the design, permitting assistance and bid phase engineering. The other project is an evaluation of the wastewater capacity due industrial companies that will begin operation in the area in 2024 and 2025. This evaluation will also come from Hazen and Sawyer Engineering for the total amount of $98,700.00.

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