Raymond Booze Jr

 Thirty-one-year-old Raymond Booze, Jr. of Atlanta was arrested on June 11, 2020. According to Bartow County Sheriff’s Office Reports, law enforcement was called to Budgetel Inn at 35 Carson Loop about a fight.

An alleged victim said her old friend, 31-year-old Raymond Booze Jr. of Atlanta, arrived uninvited.  She said that Booze had been told to stop calling and leave her alone. 

Booze brought someone with him.  The alleged victim said she asked him to leave several times. The alleged victim told Booze she had just been released from the hospital following surgery.  Booze reportedly became angry.   He is accused of placing his hands around her neck and slamming her to the ground causing a surgery wound to partially reopen. 

He got in the back of the four-door truck and started shooting a gun out of the window as it drove off.  BCSO employees found two 9mm spent shell casing. 

Two witnesses corroborated the story. One of them added that Booze threw a drink at the woman and started grabbing her and the other witness when the other witness tried to get between them.

A Budgetel employee said he heard someone in a fight outside of his work area, went to see who it was, and saw the victim on the ground before seeing the suspect get into the back of the truck and ride off while shooting out of the window.

Another deputy heard an all-points bulletin for a brown 2000 four-door Dodge Dakota and stopped the truck on the Red Top Mountain Road exit off I-75 southbound.

They found Raymond Booze and two other people.  The driver told the deputy that Booze held a gun on him, told him to drive from Budgetel and not to stop.  The other passenger confirmed the account.

The deputy found a Smith and Wesson 9mm pistol in the back-seat area where Raymond was sitting.

The deputy arrested Raymond on site. The BCSO charged Booze with stalking and battery against the original victim at Budgetel, hijacking a motor vehicle, kidnapping, and aggravated assault against the driver, kidnapping and aggravated assault against the other passenger, as well as reckless conduct and possession of a firearm during the commission of certain crimes.  Again bond is reduced from  $175,000  and set at $110,000.