A bomb threat was written on a bathroom wall at Woodland Middle School this morning. The school administration immediately evacuated the school and searched the entire building with the help of the Bartow County Campus Police and Euharlee Police Department. Once all official procedures were met for establishing the safety of the students and staff and it was certain no actual threat existed, the school day resumed.

A fire drill had previously been scheduled; however, school officials decided to enact the drill immediately upon learning of the perceived threat. Bartow County Campus Police officers determined the incident to be a prank with no evidence pointing to any real threats.

Superintendent Dr. John Harper said, “Our school administration and campus police responded according to the protocol we have in place for situations such as this. Fortunately, it was found to be a student playing a prank. As the situation unfolded, however, it was handled with the utmost caution. The incident is currently under investigation and will be regarded as a serious violation of school policy.”