UPDATE:  Bartow County Coroner Joel Guyton told WBHF the that a positive identification had not been made on the remains of a woman found in a Bartow County landfill on August 13th .  Many have speculated that the remains were those of a missing Fairmount, West Virginia woman.  Tuesday morning Guyton said an identification had been made.  He later said the identification could not be confirmed until the GBI had completed their investigation.

A sanitation worker found the remains while emptying a trash compactor at the landfill.  Since that time, local law enforcement had received numerous tips but was unable to make a positive identification. Sheriff Clark Millsap said that the body was cut into pieces, packed into individual bags, and placed into a dumpster.

Many made the connection with the West Virginia woman last week.  The Facebook page “Missing in West Virginia” posted a woman with similar tattoos to those of the woman found in Bartow.  The Bartow County Sheriff’s Office told WBHF at the time that they could not confirm or deny that the body was that of the missing West Virginia woman, but that it was an ongoing investigation with the GBI.

Law enforcement is still not sure when the woman was killed, but it does have an idea of when her body was put inside the dumpster at the county recycling center located on Cedar Creek Road, which they believe was close to 5:30 on August 11th. There are no surveillance cameras at the aforementioned facility.

Stay tuned to WBHF for more updates on this developing story.