The Bartow County Sheriff’s Office is releasing photos in hopes of idenitifying a suspect in a stalking incident at the Cartersville Walmart.

 According to Sheriff Clark Millsap, a 65 year old Cartersville woman was leaving the Cartersville Walmart  on Monday, September 23, 2013 just before 2PM. As she was backing from her parking space, she was approached by a white male who told her that she had a flat tire. He offered to change it for her and she allowed him to do so. While changing the tire, the man made several sexual comments causing her to feel uncomfortable. When the tire was changed he attempted to continue to talk to her and she backed out and left. After having her tire checked at a local tire store, it was found that the valve stem had been removed from the tire causing it to go flat. The woman then filed a report with a Bartow County Sheriff’s deputy. After the deputy reviewed the Walmart video with management, it was discovered that the man who helped her had parked just after she did and while she went inside shopping, he removed the valve stem and waited for her to return.