Lisa Lynn Turner

Bartow County deputies were dispatched to a residence on Pleasant Valley Road in Adairsville on Monday night in reference to a welfare check.

Once a husband and wife were separated, the husband said that his wife Lisa Turner assaulted him. He stated that during an argument, Lisa struck him with a wooden club, leaving a deep bruise on his lower left back over his kidney. He also said she threw several knives at him, causing small cuts on his right forearm. He was asked several times, but refused EMS.

Lisa repeatedly said nothing had happened.

A witness said he saw Lisa throwing the knives at her husband. The complainant said she received a text from the victim saying he was bruised and cut. The text also stated that Lisa was drunk.

The deputy on the scene observed and photographed the bruise on his back and the cuts on his forearm. Lisa Turner was placed under arrest for two counts of aggravated assault.