Sara Rachel Adams

On Tuesday at 7:40 a.m., Bartow County deputies responded in wet and foggy conditions to a residence on North Main Street in Acworth due to 31-year-old Sara Adams calling 911 and reporting that unknown persons were actively breaking into her house.

She told dispatch that someone was knocking on the door, she heard glass break, subjects were in the house, she had no visual on them, she was hiding under her bed, and she was home alone before hanging up. She called back seven minutes later saying she now thought it was one person, she couldn’t hear any voices, and she was still hiding under the bed.

Deputies discovered the glass panes of the rear door broken and the rear door unsecured. They found Sara under her bed crying.

Upon investigation, there was a spot of fresh blood on the door frame and more blood on the glass shards on the floor. Sara said nothing was missing from the house.

A neighbor told deputies that she saw Sara arguing with a male outside, run up the neighbor’s driveway yelling, and run back into her house as the male drove away, all during the time frame in which deputies were responding to the 911 call.

Sara eventually began crying again and admitting that she lied to law enforcement. She said while she was on the line with 911 about the break in the first time, she realized it was her boyfriend and hung up the phone. That’s when she had the argument with him outside before calling 911 again to continue her story after he left.

Sara Adams was arrested and charged for false report of a crime. No charges will be taken on the boyfriend due to her not willing to prosecute and their relationship status not meeting the necessary qualifications to be considered family violence.