It’s time for a Tuesday edition of Bartow’s Morning News, broadcasting the very best in local news, weather, traffic and sports on your award-winning community radio station.

Brian_Doyle_YankeesWe have two guest segments today. At 7:40AM, former Yankee and Oakland Athletic baseball player, Brian Doyle, will call in this morning to discuss his baseball camp taking place through Lake Point Church. We’ll talk about signups, goals of the camp and the appropriate ages to take part in the camp.

Johnny_IsaksonThan, at 8:40AM, US Senator Johnny Isakson from the state of Georgia will join us via the phone to catch us up on happenings in Washington, D.C. and here in Georgia. We’ll talk about the VA scandal, what’s happening at the border, get an update on the Benghazi hearings and his thoughts on the upcoming mid-term election cycle.

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