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A father and his daughter were arrested at Cass High School Thursday.  According to Bartow County Jail reports, forty-year-old Christopher Hardy of White was charged with disruption operations of public schools, obstruction of an officer, simple assault, and terroristic threats and acts.  Seventeen-year-old Brook Lashae Hardy of the same address was arrested and charged with terroristic threats and acts, simple assault, obstruction of an officer, battery on a law enforcement officer, disruption operations of public schools and interference with government property.

According to a Facebook post from the Bartow county campus police, Officer Scott, the assigned officer at Cass High School, was attempting to arrest a student for making threats against other students, no weapons were involved. The parents were also on the campus, and as Officer Scott was trying to control the student, the father tried to interfere with the arrest and made threats of harm to the officer. The secretary at the school followed protocol and called 911. During the altercation the officer was forced to pepper spray the father. Some of the pepper spray also affected a staff member. The father fled from the scene in a truck.

The adult age student was transported to jail and charged with the threats and assaulting the officer. Officer Scott was injured during the altercation.

Warrants were issued for the father and he was later arrested. All of this happened in the front office area and outside of the school. There was never any actions that were a harm to any other students. The school day was not affected and carried on as normal. The post goes onto say that; The only time a gun or weapons were mentioned were on social media sites by persons that had no information as to the actual events.