An Elvis impersonator, also known as a tribute artist, will be performing at Dellinger Park and participating in the July 4th Parade. This Elvis tribute artist has something that many others do not: Autism. WBHF spoke to Delvin “Delvis” Lanning about his Delvis Sings for Autism Change Foundation.


“We’ve put a lot of work into it. I just hope to get out to kids like me that have problems. I hope to get the message out to them: even though they’re autistic, it doesn’t mean they can’t do what they want.


Delvis is in 7th grade and, despite receving all A’s in his school, was held back to repeat the grade due to his inability to count change. The young man has not given up and said that he is going to keep trying and get to 8th Grade and wants to show everyone with autism that they can do whatever they want with a little perserverance. Delvis spoke about being an Elvis tribute artist.


“Definitely when I sing, I do sound just like him. When I give a certain look in the mirror like an Elvis look, I look almost exactly like him. I move and I hit every line into every song right on the money just like him. And honestly I don’t know what Elvis Presley tribute artist can do that.


Here is a link to Delvis singing “Suspicious Minds:”

Delvis will be in the July 4th Parade in Downtown Cartersville at 9:00 Monday morning and will perform at Dellinger Park at 6:00 the same day. To learn more about Delvis and the Delvis Sings for Autism Foundation, please visit