Nurses are part of the HCA Nurse Residency at TriStar Division Winter 2017 Cohort


Cartersville Medical Center welcomes its nurse residents to the inaugural cohort of the HCA Nurse Residency at TriStar Division.  Selected after a rigorous application and interview process, three nurses launched their professional nursing careers with orientation for the Winter 2017 Cohort on February 13 in Cartersville.


“We welcome our first nurse residents into this exciting program,” said Ed Moyer, chief nursing officer of Cartersville Medical Center. “With our support and ongoing education, these nurses will gain confidence and proficiency in delivering quality patient care, become engaged in enhancing patient care and begin professional development planning.”


The full-time, entry-level nurse residency leverages the expertise of Cartersville Medical Center’s nurses, who will support the nurse residents as they transition from being a student to professional nurse. During the 12-month program, nurse residents complete a comprehensive curriculum that includes on-site immersion, mentoring and coaching, classroom and simulation learning, networking, career progression pathway planning, and a collaborative evidence-based practice project.


The Winter 2017 Cohort includes over 100 nurse residents from 11 states and 28 schools of nursing who are now working in 14 HCA-affiliated hospitals within TriStar Division.

HCA’s TriStar Division offers two nurse residency cohorts annually. Each cohort includes opportunities in 10 specialty areas at 22 facilities located in Northwest Georgia, Northeast Atlanta, Bowling Green, Kentucky, and Chattanooga and Nashville, Tennessee. Nurse residency can launch a nursing career that may grow within a single facility or expand to one of nearly 170 HCA affiliated hospitals across the country and in the United Kingdom.


Nurse resident positions at Cartersville Medical Center are available in units including critical care, emergency, medical-surgical, surgical and perinatal services.  Applications are being accepted through March 15, 2017, for the Summer 2017 Cohort, which begins July 24, 2017.


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